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Wearables and Art Jewelry

Major General Apple Genius Epaulets

    Making art specifically to be worn has always excited me. My undergraduate training was in jewelery and enameling, so tiny pieces of art that can be taken with you on the body will always be part of my work as an artist.
    The format of the brooch is particularily of interest to me. I see them as tiny paintings, worn out front to be seen or make a statement. Brooches offer a chance to create something very sculptural while still being relatively unobtrusive.
    The way that jewelry can augment the body is fascinating to me, especially when kinetic elements are incorperated. Much of my art jewelry and wearable work has a performative aspect to it. Due to the direct phydical interaction with the work I tend to gravitate toward each object having some sort of ritual function within a contextual framework, whether real or imagined. 

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