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    The Smeediphone series is an ongoing and ever evolving project that seeks to rediscover the intuitive connection with folk instruments in a 21st century context. With a parts-bin style of building and a playful disregard for traditional norms, these instruments act and respond very differently compared to their standard electric guitar counterparts. One of these, Smeediphone 2, was used in the theatrical production of ‘DP92’ by Dallas-based production company Dead White Zombies in 2015.
    To foster a more visceral and intuitive relationship with the Smeediphones, their strings float over an inch off the neck, with a single fret that slides parallel to the string hovering above it untill you push down touching the string. The downward pressure can also be used to controll pitch. With the body as an amplifier, the resonance of the speaker can recycle back into the string and continually resonate the instrument without interaction.  
    This phenomenon of resonance I explored further with Smeediphone 3. In this project, I endeavored to give the wind a voice so as to let the atmosphere speak for it’s self. The string is the hypotenuse of a right trinagle, with the base aluminum rod extending past the end. At the tip of the base rod is an air foil that catches the wind and disrupts the tension of the string, changing pitch. A different song is played in each situation depending on the winds. 
Series ········· Smeediphone instruments
Medium ········· Electric guitar
Year ··········· 2015 - continuing 
Concept ········ Portable electronic folk instrument 

Above: Smeediphone 2 played by Adnan Khan in DP92Below: Smeediphone 3 wind test

Test video for Smeediphone 2 showing alternative play style and resonance features.
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