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MA Thesis ······ Kent State University
Medium ········· 3D Printing, CNC plastic
Year ··········· 2017-2018
Concept ········ Anthropocene, AI, War

Rehabilitation Center

    Human nature is commonly perceived to be an explanation for many of our social behaviors. It suggests that we are inseparably linked to our animalistic tendencies. Actions like territorial oversight and expansion, resource domination and the management of population through hierarchical systems are found throughout the natural world, not just in human culture. So what then makes our anthropocentric viewpoint appear to stand on higher moral ground? That foundation can easily liquify when behaviors like greed, short sightedness, militarism and secrecy are explained away by 'human nature'. he culture of capitalism plays a crucial role in the design language of the work, where both nostalgic and contemporary allusion is used to connect the past, present and future realities we inhabit. Delta-winged forms of pilot-less military aircraft serve as graphic placeholders for concepts like border enforcement, resource wars, surveillance and technological disparity while being characterized through interaction with their environments to extract an unconventional solvent, dissolving their contemporary context. Being suggested in this body of work then is a new train of thought. This 'disanthro' thinking inhabits an alternative reality where decisions made behind closed doors are exposed and where universal experiences such as compassion, intrigue, togetherness and play illuminate a restorative path through the darkness of our potential futures, the Anthropocene.

Rehabilitation Center  CNC Milled HDPE, CNC milled wood, steel wire, aluminum standoffs, wood, hardware cloth, shredded cash, vinyl roofing, paint

Together Again
SLS 3D prints, cast concrete in the shape of drones, paint, steel

Suburban Strut
CNC milled HDPE, aluminum, steel, turf, wood, lights 

The Bird and the Beads
SLS 3D Prints, CNC machined HDPE, glass,
wood, paint, flocking, tiny rug

Feeding the Birds
Performative video piece, 3 step conversion to Mac OS 9, played on loop with Quick Time on 1999 Apple iMac

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