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Series ········· Mines
Medium ········· CNC milled foam, 3D prints, silicon, cake
Year ··········· 2016
Concept ········ Land use, consumption, metaconsumption

Let Us Eat Cake

    Land use is a topic that fascinates me, and I love to scour satellite images for interesting features on the surface. The gaping holes dug in the ground by Humans show the physical scars of our consumption of the Earth’s resources. Ironically, the data gathered from space of the land’s surface and our marks upon it couldn’t have been made possible without the mineral extraction in the first place. It is a paradox we live in, so I decided to consume the consumption. Using 3D printing, food-safe silicon mold interts were created to bake the surface of Bingham Canyon Mine into the bottom of cupcakes. When finished the cakes became small 3D topographic maps of the largest open pit mine in the world. They were served at an event along with some of my other work about mines. 

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