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The Center Place

I am Matthew Loren Seeds, a creative individual with a drive to understand the lessons that the universe has to offer. The world around me informs my work, my spirit and my very way of being. Awareness of the land and our relationship with it are at the center of my life. My questions are often answered by the rocks and the trees and the air, whispering their ancient knowledge to anyone ready to listen.

My Life

    Born in North East Ohio, I have always had a close relationship with nature. In childhood, my family lived in Alaska, where monolithic images of nautral splendor were burned into my mind. Since then I have sought to strengthen my sense of connection to the world around me and use that link to better understand myself. Durring my graduate studies at Kent State University, I focused on 3D technologies and ran their technology lab. While there I discovered the great joy in using technology to help others realize their ideas. Mindfulness and awareness are very important aspects of my daily life. I make consistent efforts to provide balance against the effects of the Anthropocene, like picking up trash or thinking as a tree. I often take an outsider’s view of humanity, seeing us for what we are. Sentients born of rock, we search for what it is that seperates us from the universe, though all we find are threads that bind us to the very fabric of existence. 

    An understanding of the universe around me is centeral in my life. Science and spirituality blend in my mind when I attempt to understand the mysteries of the cosmos. This process is my path, and I coninue to express my thoughts and experiences through the medium of creativity. 


My Work

The Human relationships with technology, land, consumption and mindfulness inform my work as an artist. To uncover and express the realities of the universe and our place in it is my goal and passion as an artist. I search for the Center Place within myself, with Art as a lantern that illuminates the way forward.